The Final Tally for CSTS Melbourne 2006

Well, it's been a while. What can I say? Life got in the way. However, I've very happy to announce the final total for Melbourne's CSTS screening. Ready?

AUD $1603.00 / USD $1220!!!

Yep, we did the very difficult and that makes us pretty damn good. The donation on behalf of us (Old) Melbourne Browncoats was sent off to Equality Now back on 31/8/2006 after some (somewhat) lengthy delays sorting out the final details.

I've since received a message from Equality Now which I'd like to share with you all:

... Your contribution will greatly help strengthen the work of Equality Now. Our campaigns to end all forms of violence and discrimination against women and girls, including trafficking and female genital mutilation, securing international world peace and security, and working with grassroots groups that work to bring justice and equality to women around the world will benefit from your thoughtfulness and generosity.

Our work would not be possible without the extraordinary support of people like you. The Browncoats know that one person can make a difference, and the entire staff sends a heartfelt thanks to you and to all the Browncoats for your outstanding work. Keep flyin’!

Kind regards,

Amanda Sullivan
Director, Women’s Action Network

Kinda humbling to think that just by having a night out at the movies & sharing our joy for all things Firefly could help make such a difference in the lives of others. Puts things in perspective, doesn't it?

Don't forget, the 1st anniversary of the general release of Serenity is just around the corner - due the aforementioned life, no cinema screening has been organised for September 30 here in Melbourne but that doesn't mean we can't do something to celebrate. Why not have your own screening & invite someone (or lots of someones!) to share in Australia's Favourite Film experience. If you enjoyed Serenity, tell everyone!

Where to from here? Well, there will definitely be a CSTS Melbourne 2007 - you'll find all the info here next year. Until then, if you have a Firefly / Serenity event you want to share, drop me a line & I'll add it to the site.

Keep flying!
Mad Dog

Thank you all - hope you enjoyed it!

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to say a Big Damn Thank You (again - yes, I know, I ramble!) to everyone who came along to tonights' screening of our favourite Big Damn Movie, Serenity. All profits from this event will be donated to Equality Now on behalf of the Browncoats of Melbourne. Thank you all for your fantastic support.

Extra special thanks go to all who helped run & promote tonights' event. I would name you all but I don't want to offend anyone by forgetting them. You know who you are and I'm extremely grateful for your help.

Also, without goodies, this would be just another night at the movies. Ummm.... not just any night, but you know what I mean. So, here's a Big Damn Thanks to our sponsors:

  • Dramatix - thanks for putting up with all my questions & problems!
  • The Hub Produtions - check out the upcoming events, it's worth it!
  • DragonWeave Jewerly - shiny, shiny jewelry. Nice stuff!
  • Tilk & The Crew of the Bellflower - Melbourne's own Firefly Fan Film Project
  • UIP Australia - thanks for the shiny mousemats!
Last but not least, big thanks to Emily, Brandon & the great staff of Hoyts Forest Hill Cinemas. Without them & you, the Browncoats of Melbourne, this event would not have happened.

So, how much did we make? I'll let you all know once I've had some sleep & regain the ability to add and subtract again! Keep Flying!

PS: If you couldn't make it tonight, our shiny Serenity mousemats will be available for purchase for $5 (plus postage) via this website as soon as I can set it up. Again, all profits will go to Equality Now. Stay shiny!

PPS : Happy Birthday Joss - you rock!

Door sales available!

Due to popular demand, we will have door sales available tonight for $12 a ticket. If you wish to purchase tickets at the door, please come early & bring change!

See you all there!

The reason we're doing it - Joss in his own words

Here's a video of Joss receiving an award for his work on behalf of Equality Now. While we love Firefly & Serenity, we're also happy to be helping Joss & Equality Now do good works. Enjoy.

"Help! I don't have a credit card! How do I book tickets?"

That's the question that's been asked by a few people, and as someone who didn't have a credit card until recently, I totally understand what you're going through. Unfortunately we're only selling tickets through Dramatix so my advice to you is.....*drumroll*

Get someone with a credit card to buy you a ticket and then pay them back. I'm sure you know -someone- with a credit card that would be happy to help. (I already know of several people who are doing this).

Your name doesn't have to be on the ticket, you just have to have the correct ticket code on the night, and since there's no booking fee you don't have to worry about your friend getting hit over the head with any hidden charges (by us at least, I'm not sure if there are any charges levied by the credit card company).

Alternatively this might be the time for you to sign up for a debit or credit card of your own (no advertising here, just a suggestion!)

If you absolutely, positively cannot purchase online, please contact us ASAP to make alternative arrangements. Please keep in mind that this is a volunteer operation and the reason for using the online ticketing is minimise costs (saving you money & raising more for EN), simplicity and accountability.

Posting gratefully pinched from Kat @

Serenity takes off - No turning back now!

Well, here's how it is. We've just gone live on Dramatix - if you have preordered tickets, your accounts will be charged very shortly at which point your tickets will be emailed to the contact email supplied with your order. All future ticket sales will now be processed immediately. If you still haven't ordered, please do so ASAP as there will be no door sales on the night.

All ticket holders will receive a free Serenity mousemat & will go into the draw for some shiny door prizes. Any extra mousemats will be available for purchase for $5 each. Don't forget to dress as your favourite character and bring along some some spare cashy money as we're also lining up some great items for auction - you might just pick up a bargain!

If you'd like to meet some fellow Browncoats before the movie, check out the Serenity Oz forums for details of a pre-movie shindig. Most of all, thank you all for your support but we're not done yet. Please spread the word - Serenity is worth fighting for!!!

Ticket Tally - 111 sold as of 19/6/2006

If you've already got your tickets, well done! If you haven't, buy yours now! The first 150 tickets will receive a shiny Serenity mousemat courtesy of UIP Australia & CSTS Melbourne.

Don't forget to tell your friends - you haven't really seen Serenity unless you've seen it on the big screen. Don't miss out on this one-off event - it's going to be fantastic!

Tickets Now Available!

We have lift off! Tickets for Can't Stop The Serenity (CSTS) are now available online via Dramatix (see link below).

Monday 19/6/2006, the presold tickets will be charged & your tickets issued to you online (either web ticket or SMS code). All sales after this point will be processed immediately. As an incentive to purchase, the first 150 ticket holders will receive a free Serenity mousemat courtesy of UIP Australia. All ticket holders will be eligible for one of our great door prizes! Speaking of prizes, dress as your favourite character from the Serenity / Firefly universe for the chance to win some shiny prizes too!

Venue: Hoyts Cinemas, Forest Hill
Level 3, Forest Hill Shopping Centre
Canterbury Road
Forest Hill

Date: Friday, June 23, 2006

Time: Doors open 8.45pm, screening to commence approx. 9.00pm

Price: $11 (plus $1 booking fee). To purchase tickets, please visit:
Credit cards only - for alternative arrangements please email or phone (see contact details on the right of this blog).

There will be no door sales so buy early & buy often! All profits are going to Equality Now so let's show the world just how mighty generous Melbourne can be. Keep flying!

We hold!

Still no confirmation for the Melbourne event but good news for our cousins across the border - Adelaide is a go! Info can be found as - if you're going to be in Adelaide on June 23, make sure you get yourself there - no excuses!

Meanwhile, as soon as we get the word, you can be sure it'll be posted here. Stay tuned.

Sorry for the delays...

For those who've been asking, sorry I haven't been able to release the details of the screening yet. I'm waiting on confirmation of the availability of the venue and the movie print - without either, we don't have a screening. As soon as it's confirmed, I'll post the details straight away. This much I can say - the screening will be on June 23 around 9.00pm in Melbourne's eastern suburbs.

Tickets will be available shortly after the venue is announced via this web site. All profits from the night will be donated to Equality Now as part of the Can't Stop The Serenity event. Although this is not an Australian charity, this organisation does good works all around the globe, especially where they are needed most. For more info, please check out the Equality Now web site.

Almost there!!!

The venue has been booked, waiting for confirmation from the cinema that the film print will be available for the big night. As soon as that comes though, I'll start getting tickets printed & have them ready for sale via this web site very soon... so stay tuned fellow Browncoats!

In the mean time, if you have any ideas for events on the night, please let me know. At this stage we're going to have some shiny door prizes as well as a costume competition. Anything else? Let me know. This is your benefit screening - make the most of it 'cause life's too short, just ask [SPOILER ALERT - item deleted]!

More details about the screening.

Very close to finalising the venue - details regarding the place, time & ticketing info will be posted to this site early next week.

While the main event will be our Big Damn Movie, there will be some other fun things happening on the night. In the works are door prizes for those attending (as opposed to those staying at home!) as well as a Best Dressed Browncoat competition - come as your favourite character & win!

Don't forget, no Browncoat is an island - check out the info at Can' for the background, FAQs & details of other screenings all around the globe. It's worth the click!

Making progress!

Currently finalising the venue for the BDM screening, will post the details as soon as they're confirmed. Thank you to all of you who've expressed your interest - it's great to know there's other Browncoats in Melbourne...

For those of you (like me) who are counting the days, you might find this helpful : the Serenity Day Countdown Widget. Install it on your desktop & keep track of how many sleeps until we see our Big Damn Heroes in all their glory again. Shiny!

Looking for Serenity in Melbourne?

This is the official site for information about the upcoming charity screening of Joss Whedon's feature film Serenity in Melbourne, Australia. As of today (24/4/2006), details regarding the venue, price & events on the night are yet to be confirmed. However, the date is set. There will be a screening on June 23, 2006.

If you wish to be involved in organising this event, please contact me (Mad Dog) via the email link in my profile. Any assistance would be appreciated 'cause if you can't run, you walk. If you can't walk, you crawl... and if you can't crawl, well, you know the rest (you find someone to carry you).

One request though... if you are intending to attend the event, please advise your intent via email or the comments function, showing number of attendees & location (North, East, CDB, outer suburbs, etc) By providing this info, it will help with planning of location & facilities required. Sufficient info prior to the event will help the planning be much more effective, meaning the end result will be bigger fun for all!