Thank you all - hope you enjoyed it!

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to say a Big Damn Thank You (again - yes, I know, I ramble!) to everyone who came along to tonights' screening of our favourite Big Damn Movie, Serenity. All profits from this event will be donated to Equality Now on behalf of the Browncoats of Melbourne. Thank you all for your fantastic support.

Extra special thanks go to all who helped run & promote tonights' event. I would name you all but I don't want to offend anyone by forgetting them. You know who you are and I'm extremely grateful for your help.

Also, without goodies, this would be just another night at the movies. Ummm.... not just any night, but you know what I mean. So, here's a Big Damn Thanks to our sponsors:

  • Dramatix - thanks for putting up with all my questions & problems!
  • The Hub Produtions - check out the upcoming events, it's worth it!
  • DragonWeave Jewerly - shiny, shiny jewelry. Nice stuff!
  • Tilk & The Crew of the Bellflower - Melbourne's own Firefly Fan Film Project
  • UIP Australia - thanks for the shiny mousemats!
Last but not least, big thanks to Emily, Brandon & the great staff of Hoyts Forest Hill Cinemas. Without them & you, the Browncoats of Melbourne, this event would not have happened.

So, how much did we make? I'll let you all know once I've had some sleep & regain the ability to add and subtract again! Keep Flying!

PS: If you couldn't make it tonight, our shiny Serenity mousemats will be available for purchase for $5 (plus postage) via this website as soon as I can set it up. Again, all profits will go to Equality Now. Stay shiny!

PPS : Happy Birthday Joss - you rock!


Anonymous said...

thanks mad dog. it was ace to see serenity on the big screen again.

Anonymous said...

NOOOO... :( I didnt even hear about the screening, saw the dvd and would kill to see this at the cinemas again. Bloody hell. Would have even paid $25 a ticket if i had to!