We hold!

Still no confirmation for the Melbourne event but good news for our cousins across the border - Adelaide is a go! Info can be found as www.serenityadelaide.blogspot.com - if you're going to be in Adelaide on June 23, make sure you get yourself there - no excuses!

Meanwhile, as soon as we get the word, you can be sure it'll be posted here. Stay tuned.

Sorry for the delays...

For those who've been asking, sorry I haven't been able to release the details of the screening yet. I'm waiting on confirmation of the availability of the venue and the movie print - without either, we don't have a screening. As soon as it's confirmed, I'll post the details straight away. This much I can say - the screening will be on June 23 around 9.00pm in Melbourne's eastern suburbs.

Tickets will be available shortly after the venue is announced via this web site. All profits from the night will be donated to Equality Now as part of the Can't Stop The Serenity event. Although this is not an Australian charity, this organisation does good works all around the globe, especially where they are needed most. For more info, please check out the Equality Now web site.

Almost there!!!

The venue has been booked, waiting for confirmation from the cinema that the film print will be available for the big night. As soon as that comes though, I'll start getting tickets printed & have them ready for sale via this web site very soon... so stay tuned fellow Browncoats!

In the mean time, if you have any ideas for events on the night, please let me know. At this stage we're going to have some shiny door prizes as well as a costume competition. Anything else? Let me know. This is your benefit screening - make the most of it 'cause life's too short, just ask [SPOILER ALERT - item deleted]!

More details about the screening.

Very close to finalising the venue - details regarding the place, time & ticketing info will be posted to this site early next week.

While the main event will be our Big Damn Movie, there will be some other fun things happening on the night. In the works are door prizes for those attending (as opposed to those staying at home!) as well as a Best Dressed Browncoat competition - come as your favourite character & win!

Don't forget, no Browncoat is an island - check out the info at Can'tStopTheSerenity.com for the background, FAQs & details of other screenings all around the globe. It's worth the click!

Making progress!

Currently finalising the venue for the BDM screening, will post the details as soon as they're confirmed. Thank you to all of you who've expressed your interest - it's great to know there's other Browncoats in Melbourne...

For those of you (like me) who are counting the days, you might find this helpful : the Serenity Day Countdown Widget. Install it on your desktop & keep track of how many sleeps until we see our Big Damn Heroes in all their glory again. Shiny!