We hold!

Still no confirmation for the Melbourne event but good news for our cousins across the border - Adelaide is a go! Info can be found as www.serenityadelaide.blogspot.com - if you're going to be in Adelaide on June 23, make sure you get yourself there - no excuses!

Meanwhile, as soon as we get the word, you can be sure it'll be posted here. Stay tuned.


The Crazy Purple Wombat said...

thankyou for keeping us posted - you're doing the responsible thing - I am so excited at the prospect of seeing serenity on the big screen, having only discovered Firefly in the last fortnight!!

Mad Dog said...

You're welcome. It's frustrating not being able to post better news but I want to keep all interested parties informed.

A Firefly newbie? Welcome to the Browncoat Army, my friend. The more the merrier. Keep flying!

Katdragon said...

Thanks for the advertising MadDog!
Hopefully you'll be able to do the impossible and get things going in Melbourne!

Anonymous said...

Thankyou Mad Dog for your efforts. I did not see the film at the movies and hope it will be confirmed for the Melbourne shindig soon.