We're still here!

Hi all.

My apologies for the extended delay between updates regarding this years' CSTS event. It's a long story I'd rather not go into but we're not giving up & will be back on course shortly. I'm anticipating that there will be lots to tell very soon.

To keep you interested, I'm happy to announce that the Teaser posters have arrived from the US and they look fantastic! Details on how to purchase these items will be posted in the very near future . Priority will be given to those Browncoats who have already indicated their interest.

Hang in there - big things are coming this way. It'll be worth the wait.

Mad Dog.


Anonymous said...

There was some talk about shirts as well as posters - are you likely to have any of these available - I have nowhere to put a poster so a shirt would be much more practical.

Also - will this be an evening event? and what can we do to help promote it?

merlaezn said...

I'm interested but i can't figure out how to email you. *blushes*

Mad Dog said...

To contact CSTS Melbourne directly, email us at "serenitymelbourne@gmail.com"

Anonymous said...


Just wondering when the venue and time would be anounced for this screening? I work a rotating roster and need to put requests for time off very soon! Please let us know ASAP. Also I like the request that someone else had about T-shirts. I also have limited wall space and would like to be able to have a T-shirt to remember the event.

Thanks so much for your time.